“Evan Meets Bucky Lee” by Julie Van Elswyk. (Book Review)

Evan is excited to meet the kids in his new neighborhood, until he comes upon a motley crew who immediately pick on him and call him “No Hair” and make fun of his bald head. Mom dispenses great advice like “its our differences that make us great” and that its been unique that makes us all great and interesting! He ignores the name calling and plays at school with that group anyway and things turned around quickly. One day he sees the bully Bucky has big thick glasses. Rather than retaliate with name calling , he sees his nervousness and reassures Bucky that he looks great.

Although for all intents and purposes, to a child reading this book, they may just think Evan is bald, without any reasoning. But there is a story behind that bald head. It is touching to hear that the author wrote this book after her own child’s battle with cancer. She then decided to write a children’s series about life’s most influential moments.

Dolly liked Evan’s friendly smile and I liked how he listened to his Momma and was kind to others no matter what. I appreciate the topics of self-esteem, getting beyond bullying and creating new friendships!

Title: Evan Meets Bucky Lee
Author: Julie Van Elswyk
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Hillcrest Publishing Group
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Pages: 32