“EGG: Nature’s Perfect Package” by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page. (Book Review)

Dolly’s egg-cited to tell you how egg-cellent this book is!

What came first the chicken or the egg? This book takes an in depth look at the world of animal eggs. Most children’s books show the baby animals but what about their egg stage? This is a great educational lesson in the science of eggs for elementary children (and their parents! I learned so much!). The pages tell of the types of animals who begin life as eggs, whose babies grow in eggs. It tells which animals lay just one, which lay hundreds, and where they lay them. Are the eggs incubated, carried, protected? The book tells the stories of the mothers and fathers who watch over the eggs, how they are taken care of and protected so that they can grow until they have developed inside and are ready to hatch! The books’ photographs and illustrations explore all of the different colors, sizes and shapes of eggs, and diagrams show actual size of eggs in order to compare between them. You may be surprised to learn, for example, that an ostrich egg is the largest of all! I know I was!

This book is a visual, high quality exploration of all things eggs! It is very informative, great for parents and kids alike. It is not a storybook, but instead a fun, educational read! This would be a great addition to a teacher’s classroom or school library!

Title: Egg
Author: Robin Page, Steve Jenkins,
Genre: Juvenile Nonfiction
Publisher: HMH Kids
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Pages: 32