Easy & Adorable Valentine’s Crafts for Kids!

Dolly gets busy making her Valentine’s Day cards! …. Valentine’s Day is around the corner! What better way to teach your kids the meaning of this holiday than to let them get creative and make special cards for those they love and appreciate!

It’s easy to cook up some big fun for your little one to participate in Valentine’s Day activities! A quick trip the dollar store to buy stickers, hearts of all different sizes, a little twine, and we were ready to roll!  You may need to help pull off the stickers (Dolly is 2, and cannot quite do this part of her own) but she can do all the sticking herself! This is an excellent OT (fine motor) activity to put those little fingers to intricate work…. It’s harder than it looks to pull a sticky sticker off your fingers and stick it down! Or, cut a hole in the middle of the hearts and tape a photo to the back, punch a hole, string some twine, voila! You can hang theses throughout the house! Fine motor activities also oftentimes get children talking and singing more! I hear a lot of new words and songs while Dolly works at her crafts! While we create each Valentine, we also talk about the person she is making it for… for example, while we make her teachers, we talk about what we like about her – how she is so gentle and kind, and how she is always reading good books to the whole class! This is a great way to get your child to start showing appreciating for the people in their world!

So take a quick trip to the dollar store and spend 5 bucks for a great activity that will give your babe a fun activity to work on…and bring a smile to grandma and grandpa, friends and teachers’ faces this Valentine’s Day! 😉