Dolly’s Bookshelf – Children’s Book Reviews | Diapers and Daydreams – Part 4

Noah is the youngest of a family of five…that is soon to become a Party of Six! His mom is about to have a new baby any day now, which means lots of changes for the family, and lots of questions from Noah. In all the excitement of a new brother, he is nervous that there won’t […]

Mardi Gras themed Books! I am a die-hard fan of The Big Easy! My now-husband (then boyfriend) and I went to our first Mardi Gras in 2010 and fell in love with the culture, the action, the fun that is New Orleans. Then following the Deepwater Horizon (BP) Oil Spill, I got a job as […]

“Samuel T. Moore of Corte Magore” tells the story of Sam, a fiddler crab, who has decided to settle down on Corte Magore beach. To do so, he will need to build sturdy home that will withstand the strength of the incoming tide. Sam tries and fails to build home number one in time. But […]

Lionel is an adventurous little lemon who dares to dream of a life where he does not end up as lemonade or in a lemon meringue pie! He goes where no lemon has gone before when he LEAPS off the tree and sets off to see the world! Through his travels, he meets a rockstar […]

Connah Brecon’s “There’s This Thing” follows a little girl as she tries to share her heart with another. She tries to invite love, entice love, capture love, but the love seems to be unrequited and unreturned. She tries to be someone she is not, to be loud and showy in order for her displays of […]

These are 10 of our favorite Valentine’s Day themed books! Give one of these (and a smooch) to your little ones this Valentine’s Day! “Amelia Bedelia’s First Valentine” by Herman Parish This is Dolly’s favorite Valentine’s Day book (and her favorite of the new Amelia Bedelia series as well)! The story is pretty darn cute. A young, innocent and silly Amelia […]

An unusually strong gust of wind blows Penguin Blue’s kite up, up and away, taking him along for the ride, soaring into the sky, on this fun and unexpected trip! Blue’s penguin, seal and bear friends try to save him but end up tagging along as well for a journey into the unknown! We watch […]

“The Pout Pout Fish”, “The Pout Pout Fish in the Big Big Dark” and others in the Pout Pout series will make you Smile Smile Big Big. These are some great additions to any bookshelf. Deborah Diesen’s pout pout fish is moping around the ocean spreading the dreary-wearies, in the original, encouraged by his sea […]

“Pants! No Chance!” by author Susan Lanyi is the story of Lulupop, a headstrong little girl who has her mind set on wearing dresses every day, no matter the occasion! Every day, Lulupop’s mother sets out her activity-appropriate outfit. And everyday, Lulupop refuses, and makes the mistake of wearing a dress that ends up hindering […]

Seamore the Starfish is a young, quiet, little starfish who is a bit insecure about his 5-star shape and his starfishy abilities. In the book “Seamore the Starfish” by author Kristyn Fedich, Seamore looks deep inside himself to find the courage to try new activities and to gain self confidence and be proud of the […]