Dolly’s Bookshelf – Children’s Book Reviews | Diapers and Daydreams – Part 3

The World of Eric Carle™ Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards are favorites on Dolly’s Bookshelf! There are 3 boxes of different types of Eric Carle drawn favorites: numbers animals, 123 zoo animals, and numbers! The World of Eric Carle™ Eric Carle Animal Flash Cards These beautiful flash cards, featuring artist and author Eric Carle’s familiar […]

Little Lionel has a grandmother that knits warm and cozy socks for all his barnyard friends. Lionel’s job to deliver the socks is made difficult when all the socks and tags go flying into the air. Little socks fit for a mouse get tried on by a big ol’ horse. Can Lionel help the animals […]

“Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear?” Sound Book by Bill Martin / Eric Carle is one of our favorites on Dolly’s Bookshelf! A new edition of this all-time favorite children’s tale is available and is a must have! A whole bunch of rowdy zoo animals, all illustrated in Eric Carle’s recognizable, colorful, funky […]

It’s late and Mr. Toucan is trying to get Betty the Gorilla to bed. But Betty resists, “NO! I don’t want to go to bed!” (a phrase I am sure no parent has ever heard before)! Betty has too much to do…play all her musical instruments, paint pictures, play with every toy she owns. Betty […]

This ridiculous story is sure to make you both wince and smile, crack up, and want to share it with a friend. It’s essentially one long-running fart joke. It’s witty, quirky, written in rhyme, calling a fart every name in the book that exists. Here is an excerpt: “We all know that farts are toxic […]

Evan is excited to meet the kids in his new neighborhood, until he comes upon a motley crew who immediately pick on him and call him “No Hair” and make fun of his bald head. Mom dispenses great advice like “its our differences that make us great” and that its been unique that makes us […]

There will be less competition between squirrels for the nuts this year… Nutley is allergic! Oh no! He reacted badly to them, he made a plan to avoid them and keep himself safe and healthy. He got tested at the doctors. He was surprised to learn that his other furry friends had allergies to food […]

The World of Eric Carle “Around the Farm” Sound Book is a super fun book to read as well as listen to! Each animal has an accompanying animal sound button on the attached 30-button audio module. This button says the name of the farm animal and then the sound the animal makes. If a young […]

“Lee Lee The Surfing Monkey Goes to Australia” by Krissy Mach Atchison. (Book Review) Lee Lee is a monkey that loves to surf. He cruises the waves of the east coast, but with winter approaching, he craves warmer waves! He is excited and nervous to get to warm and sunny Australia and visit with extended […]

“One Duck Stuck” quickly became our favorite counting book, thanks to it’s catchy repetitive rhyming text and sweet swamp animals. Poor Duck has gotten himself stuck in the muck down at the marsh. Unable to free himself, he asks all the animals hanging around the marsh to help free him, “Help, Help, who can help?”. […]