“Doggie Dreams” and “Hiccup!”, by Mike Herrod. (Book Review)

Amidst a pile of books, Dolly loves to read “Doggie Dreams” every time!

Doggie Dreams

This “Balloon Toon”, written and illustrated by Mike Herrod, will instantly become a Mommy and Daddy favorite, let alone one of your kids’ too! “Doggie Dreams” is a dream to read. The story is honestly one of the funniest and sweetest around. A boy wonders what his sleepy dog Jake is always dreaming about, and then -poof!- we are transported off into a three-dream sequence. Jake eats his fill at Fancy Pants Restaurant, jams away as a super cool rockstar with adoring fans singing along, and lastly, he rescues a damsel in distress from her dragon-infested castle.  The end dream sequence between boy and dog is heartwarming. Just like a good cartoon, “Doggie Dreams” can make you smile and laugh with minimal words and simple (yet detailed) illustrations.

Dolly received this book as a gift from a friend of her grandpa’s who runs the Children’s outdoor library at Bryant Park in NYC.  She loved reading it outdoors at Bryant Park this fall. Herrod’s ”Doggie Dreams” has quickly become one of our favorites in Dolly’s Bookshelf.


Jamie the Bunny is the lead in the school play, but he’s very nervous, and nervousness leads to uncontrollable, unstoppable hiccups! The last time Jamie had them they lasted two whole days! HIC! Hiccups at breakfast, on the bus, during gym class, all through lunch. HIC! Will his hiccups continue until the play that night? Everybody has an idea on how to get rid of them… hold your breath, eat 100 peppers, spin around, drink 10 gallons of water, spin around fast! HIC! Unfortunately even the school genius and the gym coach – Jamie’s best chances- are no help. Will his leading lady co-star in the school play be able to come up with a cure to rid Jamie’s hiccups before he ruins their starring moment? HIC! Cute story, sealed with a kiss (wink!).  Your child will love to chime in with all the “HIC!s”, will enjoy the illustrations and the smiling faces of the cast of characters. I enjoy Mike Herrod’s hilarious cartoons Balloon Toons, with simple text and bright and comical illustrations in a refreshingly hip comic book style!

Both books are perfect as fun, family reads or for new readers to practice with. Get your copies now!

Visit www.mikeherrod.com for more info on the author and print out the coloring pdf for the book  here: http://mikeherrod.com/pdf/doggie-dreams-printable.pdf Title: Doggie Dreams
Author: Mike Herrod
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Release Date: 2011
Pages: 40