“Bump! Little Owl”, by Jo Lodge. (Book Review)

Dolly loves to “bump!” the owl’s little head!

Taking first flight, like first steps, is harder than it looks! In “Bump! Little Owl’ by author Jo Lodge, we watch along with a friendly bee as up in the tree Little Owl kicks his feet and flaps his wings, preparing for take off. But he doesn’t take flight. Instead, Little Owl takes a tumble down and  BUMP!, he bonks his little owl noggin! Hopefully his Owl Mommy is nearby to give him kisses and cuddles.

This sweet and funny board book is the perfect story to read together. Every page has either a push or pull tab or a pop up picture. Children ages 2-3 years and up who can work the fun push and pull tabs on every page will enjoy reading it by themselves! The pages are the ideal thickness for small fingers to learn and practice to turn pages. The book is filled with bright and friendly illustrations that lead to a whole lot of interactive fun!

“BUMP! Little Owl” is a “Push, Pull, Pop!” book! This book is adorable and imaginative. It’s a perfect book for reading- and playing- together. Dolly likes to read it over and over. She is working on figuring out the push and pull but is practicing hard, great for her coordination!

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Title: BUMP! Little Owl
Author: Jo Lodge
Publisher: Barron’s / Campbell Books / Macmillan Publishers