Book Review: “The Little Lemon That Leapt”, by Karen Sanders-Betts and Hannah Howerton

Lionel is an adventurous little lemon who dares to dream of a life where he does not end up as lemonade or in a lemon meringue pie! He goes where no lemon has gone before when he LEAPS off the tree and sets off to see the world! Through his travels, he meets a rockstar hedgehog, a photographer fox, a cooking penguin, a mountain-climbing sloth and a dancing buffalo. He sass-talks each of them about how they can’t and shouldn’t be doing those things before he moves on. But then he meets a “normal” giraffe who reminds him that he is a LEMON that LEAPT off a tree and has been traveling the world! What lemon has done that?! Lionel comes to the conclusion that being “weird” is just way more fun!

“The Little Lemon Leapt” by mother/daughter (writer/illustrator) duo Karen and Hannah is a truly timely book. They are the founders of the #ichooseweird campaign, which sends an anti-bullying message aimed to teach children the importance of embracing their classmates and friends’ differences. Being different – or a little “weird” – is what makes the world more interesting! Parents and teachers of children who are handling bullying would benefit from using this book as a great teaching tool, as Lionel’s journey is a great lesson in embracing the differences in ourselves and others, promoting individuality, and being kind to one another.

My daughter and I very much enjoyed the bold, colorful illustrations, and seeing the many faces a little lemon can make! We took our time on each page, as the illustrations were busy in the most delightful way – lots to look at! Charmingly different than your typical picture book text, the fluctuating-sized fonts were really fun to read, and I particularly enjoyed reading aloud all the humorous character bubbles straight from the mouths of the quirky cast of characters!

With the help of a #Kickstarter campaign to get this book published, this book has already been shown some well-deserved support and I encourage you to show it some as well! Join Lionel on his journey as he discovers that weird is wonderful! Visit for more info or to purchase this book