Book Review: “Templeton Gets His Wish” by Greg Pizzoli | Diapers and Daydreams

Dolly smiles down at her friend Templeton smiling up at her!

(Magic) Diamonds are a cat’s best friend? Templeton is at his wits end! Lately, his little brothers are being more annoying than usual and his parents are grouchy and on his case! “Clean up, Templeton!” “Take a bath, Templeton!”. By a stroke of good luck, Templeton happens upon an ad in the newspaper for magic diamonds! He places an order and when his delivery speedily arrives he doesn’t hesitate even a moment to WISH upon the diamond for some alone time where no one is hassling him about sharing toys or bathing! Suddenly, POOF! Just like that, Templeton has made his family disappear! Will freedom mean endless playtime and junkfood and noise-making and eternal happiness? Or will Templeton grow lonely, miss his family and wish them back home? (And will he ever take another bath?!)

Under the book jacket, the hard cover of the book itself is designed as the delivery box that Templeton gets in the mail (hats off to author/illustrator Greg Pizzoli!). But beyond being artistic and clever , when you open this “box”, the pages of the book truly contain a “magic diamond” of a perfect story! From front to back, this book was well done.  The text is short, sweet and filled with just the right amount of reality, magic and humor. Your child will get a kick out of watching Templeton be so daringly naughty (drawing on the walls and not showering? What a little devil!), and they will relate when he misses Mom and Dad, and yes, even his crazy siblings.  The graphics are a big and vibrant mix of the same blue, green, orange and black, which is a unique and fresh palate of colors for a storybook. As a bonus, the text itself is big and basic enough to serve as good “first reader” material.

If you have been WISHING for an excellent story to come your way, it has! Do yourself a favor and pick up “Templeton Gets His Wish” by Greg Pizzoli!

Side note: Any story about a kid making his parents disappear makes me think of the greatest movie ever!…

“I made my family disappear??… I made my family disappear!!!”  ~Kevin MacAllister (Macaulay Culkin), Home Alone

Dolly wonders what she would do all day if Mommy disappeared?!!