Book Review: “Specs for Rex”, by Yasmeen Ismail

Rex got a pair of big, round, red new specs and he does not like them! He spends most of the day trying to figure out how to hide them, whether in a cereal box, under his hair, or in a jelly sandwich. But when he tries to hide his whole self in a wastepaper basket he finds his teacher’s missing whistle and the tables begin to turn! “Those new glasses of yours must be working!” the teacher says to Rex. From then on, the more Rex tries to hide his specs, the more charming his classmates find him to be and the more everyone wants a pair of glasses just like Rex’s!

The look of the watercolor illustrations is refreshing and simply beautiful. The yellow and red color palette for our hero Rex is not something you in see in many children’s books, and the bright oranges and blues pop from the page. I love the message of this book; it’s a perfect story to read to any child who is feeling different and insecure from a new paid of specs, or braces, or cast on their arm, or any handicap that has them feeling embarrassed or shy or nervous of what their classmates will think. It gives a great positive feeling about how being different is what makes everyone special, and as long as you’re you, that’s always something you can feel good about!

Author Yasmeen Ismail’s book is a favorite on Dolly’s Bookshelf and it will be on yours too!