Book Review: “Rubi Finds a Home”, by Stacy Rubinowitz | Diapers and Daydreams

“Rubi Finds a Home” from “The Adventures of Rubi Star” is a love story from dog owner to her puppy baby.  Author Stacy Rubinowitz writes a very sweet and touching story, and you can feel the love she has for her dog coming right off the page. The book follows a day in the life of tiny toy poodle Rubi, from lonely in a pet store, to adjusting to her new life at home with her forever family. We’re with Rubi as she experiences all the scariness and joyfulness of her first day out in the world: first car ride, being picked up, cuddled, running free outside, getting to know her new family and house. One day of Rubi’s life is chock full of adventure!

The illustrations by Cathren Housley are gentle, colorful and each page is beautifully hand drawn with a great amount of detail and attention. What I enjoyed most about this book is that it was told first person from Rubi Star, and when you read it, it truly feels like you are reading it in her tiny doggie voice, especially in the first few pages, as the illustrations are shown as looking through Rubi’s eyes. My daughter absolutely loved Rubi’s cute puppy dog face and looked for it on every page. (I have a feeling a tiny poodle will need to be in our future soon after reading this book!)

Welcome Rubi Star into your home and your bookshelf and it will be easy for you and your children fall in love with Rubi’s innocent puppy dog eyes and her great personality. We look forward to reading more of “The Adventures of Rubi Star” and watching her grow up and become a big and brave pup! You can read more about her adventures here.

Dolly loves Rubi’s sweet puppy face!