Book Review: “No Bees Please!” by Brian Courrejou

Don’t bug out as you read this smart and hilarious tale of Antoine, an Ant on the hunt for the perfect roommate! Antoine’s search was open to nearly all insects, just NO BEES PLEASE! Why no bees? We learn Antoine’s backstory: Honey is not just a Pooh Bear’s favorite food; As a baby Antoine was stung when he went to steal a smackerel of his favorite food! This incident has turned Antoine off from all bees entirely. Fastforward to ant adulthood, Antoine now tries out all types of roommates but he cannot deal with their terribly annoying habits! The snail left a gooey trail all over the apartment, the lightning bug made it too bright to sleep, the termite chewed all of Antoine’s furniture! What will happen when a Bee is Antoine’s only remaining choice for a respectful roommate?

“No Bees Please!” by author Brian Courrejou, is told in very thoughtful, perfectly hilarious, fun and joyful rhyming that is amusing to read aloud! The graphic art by Greg Palmer is drawn in a comic book style that is big and inviting for a little reader, with bright and bold colors on every page! As the adult reader, each illustration is a treat because of the “hidden pictures” abound (one of my favorites is the Chapstick mailbox with Gnatflix movies as the mail!)!

This book has received a “Mom’s Choice Award” for excellence, and I agree wholeheartedly with whomever the powers-that-be are that made this decision. My daughter and I both really loved this book and award it 5 Dolly Heads! Do yourself a favor and purchase this book, this is one Ant you should gladly welcome into your home!

No Bees?! That makes Dolly Bee mad as a hornet! Author Brian Courrejou told her to “Bee Good” but she didn’t listen!

Title: No Bees Please!
Author: Brian Courrejou
Genre: Ants
Release Date: 2013-12
Pages: 50