Book Review: “Mary Had a Little Lamb” by Kidsbooks LLC

The plushness of this Jiggle & Discover book make it a perfect car companion!

My daughter Dolly and I are always on the go. Whether it’s just a quick errand or a long car trip, I like to make sure she always has plenty of books with her!  The plushness of the “Jiggle & Discover” books made by Kidsbooks makes them the perfect car companion! All the Jiggle & Discover books have a built-in “stroller ring” attachment that is perfect to hook on to a jumper or a stroller or carseat! Dolly likes to clip it to her car seat and read while we drive around town! And when she is ready to take a little nap we can snap it off and it can also double as a pillow! That’s just one thing that makes the “Jiggle & Discover” books the perfect choice for on-the-go learning AND sleepy-time reading!

These books also come in the perfect packaging to travel with, a sturdy plastic container with soft carrying handle. You can store the book (and a few other small items) inside for travel. The book is light and handle is easy to hold, for your walking toddler to carry with them wherever you are headed.

These soft-cloth books are specially made for babies and tots gentle, tiny hands. The friendly, well-known nursery rhymes encourage us as parents or guardians to read and sing to the child, and the pictures on each page help you act out the nursery rhyme! The book Dolly is reading here has a plush lamb on the cover and inside the nursery rhyme is “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. We love to sing it over and over together! These books are also available in a Spider (Itsy Bitsy Spider), Ladybug (Ladybug, Ladybug) (see below!) and Star (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star).

The Jiggle & Discover series is now available at Costco stores!! If you find yourself wondering (as I often do) “What Would Dolly Do?”, she would (if she could) drive over to Costco right now and buy them all!!! Make sure to pick up one, two, or the whole series! These would make a perfect birthday gift for your child or a child’s friend’s birthday!

Outside and Inside details of the Ladybug, Ladybug “Jiggle & Discover” book!

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