Book Review: “Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Kidsbooks |

Dolly has been enjoying reading and playing with her Spider from Kidsbooks, the “Jiggle & Discover” series! This Spider is a soft-cloth book with bright pictures and easy to turn pages that read the nursery rhyme “Itsy Bitsy Spider”! In our house, we love to sing, so we follow along with the pictures and Dolly turns the pages over and over for us to sing Itsy Bitsy until our voices give out! If you are a parent or guardian, this “Jiggle & Discover” series by Kidsbooks is a great way to encourage play and singing, as well as make reading and learning fun!

The outside of this particular “Jiggle & Discover” book is the friendly face of a spider. He is smushy and soft, perfect for hugging and cuddling. The spider has adorable “jiggly” legs that dangle and best of all make a gently jingle noise that will definitely encourage your child to explore this book and shake it around! Then you can undo the small velcro strip and open up the pages for soft, fun turning as you sing along to the beloved nursery rhyme inside together!

As a mom, what I like most about the “Jiggle & Discover” books, besides the fun that Dolly has with them, is that they are fostering a love for learning, encouraging reading, and even more, they bring us together to sing and play together! These books offer a variety of educational benefits for babies of all ages such as visual stimulation, lightweight for holding, soft for touching-and-feeling, and the fun pictures encourage page-turning, early reading, and of course, an appreciation for music!

Follow along with Dolly each Friday at as she expertly (hehe!) demonstrates how your baby can read and play with all the “Jiggle & Discover” books on Dolly’s Bookshelf! Dolly will show you each one of her “Jiggle and Discover” books in more depth each week! These books are available in a Spider (Itsy Bitsy Spider), Ladybug (Ladybug, Ladybug), Cow (Old MacDonald Has a Farm) and Star (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star). And finally, one of my favorite things about these books – they have a “stroller ring” attachment that you can hook to a stroller or car seat or jumper for take-along fun!

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