Book Review: “Is There Enough?” by Faye Ellen Hartzell | Diapers and Daydreams

Noah is the youngest of a family of five…that is soon to become a Party of Six! His mom is about to have a new baby any day now, which means lots of changes for the family, and lots of questions from Noah. In all the excitement of a new brother, he is nervous that there won’t be enough room physically in the house and within his parents hearts for a fourth child. Noah is relieved when he counts enough seats to eat together at the table, enough beds to sleep in, enough spots in the family van. Phew! After Mommy has the baby, Noah is uneasy again, not about space in the house, but if there will be enough love in his Mom’s heart for the whole family as well. Mommy draws Noah rings of hearts to show him how another baby will just make their family’s love grow bigger and stronger.

Dolly is wearing her “Is There Enough?” button that shows the rings of hearts upon hearts!

This is a beautiful book. The message is so strong and powerful, whether you are a family of one or ten, you will love the books sentiment. I must admit I got very teary reading the pages where the mother draws hearts for her son; it is a very touching concept and I think something ALL mothers should do for their elder children when they are about to be big brothers or sisters. The illustrations by Melody Grace Cave are bright and colorful, very true-to-life, showing the busy life and home of the growing family. There is a lot of great detail in the illustrations, and realistic special touches can be found throughout the home: keys on the table, toys all over the floor, dog begging for food.  This is a wonderful book with a very loving message you will all enjoy!

Mommy and Dolly send a big thank you to Melody Grace Cave, this book’s Illustrator, for the beautiful Mother/Daughter buttons!! They are very special and we love them!

Dolly assures her baby she has enough love to go around!