Book Review: “I am Otter in Space”, by Sam Garton

“I am Dolly in Space” … Dolly wanted to be just like Otter!

Otter is a playful and curious otter so when Otter Keeper (her owner) take her to a space exhibition at the museum, Otter brings home  many great ideas about how to blast off to the moon right from their own living room! The next day Otter and his Teddy get busy thinking of how to get their hands on a moon rock. They build their space suits, their rocket and start training for moon life! Will they be able to bring a moon rock back to Earth? More importantly, will Otter Keeper let Otter keep it in their house?

This is the second charming book from the I Am Otter series by Sam Garton. The story is full of emphasis on the fun of learning and being creative and the joy of using your imagination to create new adventures! Otter could be any curious kid in your neighborhood, or your home for that matter! The bright and intricately illustrated digital illustrations are full of great humor from the adorable To-Do List, the “anti-gravity training” in the washing machine, to  “mishun control” and their official lift off of their spaceship!

Dolly is bringing her copy of “Otter in Space” to another galaxy!

Title: Otter in Space (I Am Otter)
Series: I Am Otter
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
Release Date: May 5, 2015
Format: 4 – 8 years