Book Review: “Dinosaur vs. Mommy” by Bob Shea | Diapers and Daydreams

ROAR! Dinosaur Dolly is up to no good, messing with Mommy’s clean, folded laundry! Maybe we shouldn’t have let her read this great book….

ROAR! Dinosaur home for the day with his Mommy.  Dinosaur loves his Mommy but what Mommy doesn’t know is they are in a competition today- at everything – and Dinosaur wants to win! Mommy thinks she can sleep in a little. Wrong! Dinosaur wakes Mommy up with a cannonball to the bed! (Dinosaur 1, Mommy 0.)  Mommy think she can take a quick shower? Wrong! Dinosaur know how to make that shower even quicker, with a flush of his toys down the toilet! (Dinosaur 2, Mommy 0). And so the day goes on, Dinosaur versus Mommy, in a clash of the titans-esque battle during food shopping and laundry folding, bathtime and more! By bedtime, it looks like Mommy is “down for the count”, but the game isn’t over. Will Dinosaur dominate or can Mommy pull out the big win?!

As a Mommy myself, I love that the we know the little red dinosaur is a little boy, but from start to finish, he never emerges as anything  but a ferocious, havoc-creating, thrill-seeking dino, because, frankly, some days, that’s just what a kid is! A sleeping Mommy, a neat house, folded clothes – they are no match for the energizer-bunnyness of sweet but scary toddlers!

“Dinosaur vs. Mommy” is illustrated by author Bob Shea with bold lines and vibrant colors. The emotion in the graphics pop from the page, and I am amazed read after read how much personality he can show in one dinosaur’s little face. The illustrations perfectly show the energy and noise that our daring-to-disobey dinosaur displays!  The story is cleverly written with lots of humor, but there is a whole lot of love at the center. Author Bob Shea’s book series (Dinosaur vs. ) is very popular, and for good reason! Be sure to check out the others! This book is the perfect gift to give your favorite tired Mommy on Mother’s Day, or from any Mommy to her crazy little dinosaur!

Dino Dolly gets some other pointers from “Dinosaur vs. Mommy”… Did you know they can read through laundry baskets?!