Book Review: “Can’t-Dance-Cameron: A Scottish Capercaillie Story” by Emily Dodd

Cameron is a capercaillie which is a big bird, also known as the wood grouse, that looks like a turkey. He lives in Scotland where all birds like him are very good dancers. Fortunately, Cameron has a friend named Hazel the Squirrel who wants to help him become a good dancer. Hazel tricks him by getting him to jump up over sticks and duck under branches and swirl around and kick pinecones. Then he puts those moves together and it becomes a dance! A really great dance! All the other birds think he’s a good dancer and Cameron feels proud!

This is a cute book about helping friends in need, finding hidden talents, being proud of who you are and believing in yourself! If Cameron hadn’t tried to dance, he wouldn’t know how good he was and how much he enjoyed dancing. This is a great message for children as they think of joining teams or trying new activities. I also appreciated that this is a relatively unfamiliar animal and I like the way it was introduced in a fun and playful way to a whole new group of readers! Cameron is so cute it would be no surprise to hear your child say a capercaillie is their new favorite animal!

Title: Can’t-Dance-Cameron
Author: Emily Dodd
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Floris Books / Picture Kelpies
Release Date: January 9, 2014
Pages: 24