“Bob to the Rescue” by James Bowen & Garry Jenkins. (Book Review) |

James Bowen, a busker, found a ginger tom cat sitting injured. He was a homeless stray. James took the cat in, gave him food and somewhere to live and heal, and gave him friendship. When James let him go, Bob the cat had other ideas and began following him around and hitching rides on James shoulder.  This book is based on the true story and follows the adventure of Bob finding a scared white puppy at the park who he thinks may be lost or abandoned like he once was. In his voice we hear how he worries about the puppy overnight, so he goes out to find him, but he runs into some trouble with a street dog. Luckily the puppy comes to his rescue, and James sees this so they take the puppy in and give him a warm bed for the night. The next day they find a missing dog poster, and reunite him with his owner.  This is a story that tugs at the heart-strings, particularly the true story of James and Bob! The illustrations by Gerald Kelley really bring Bob to life!

Title: Bob to the Rescue
Author: James Bowen, Garry Jenkins,
Publisher: Red Fox Picture Books
Release Date: September 24, 2015
Pages: 32