“Blood and Fire” by Dan Scott. Special Guest Book Review by Marcus Coyle

The adventures that began in “Blood Oath” now continue in “Blood & Fire” (Salariya), the action-packed second volume in the thrilling Gladiator School series by Dan Scott. Dolly’s older and wiser “tween” friend Marcus shares his review of “Blood and Fire” below. Check it out, then go pick up your copy today!

“Blood and Fire” by Dan Scott is about an ancient Roman boy named Lucius. Lucius was sent in a group to go to Pompeii. He meets a man named Valens, who seems like a nice guy, but can he be trusted? He meets a young sybil named Atia, who predicts the future from her dreams. Lucius, a friend Epirus, and Atia go through Pompeii, solving mysteries yet to be solved.

My favorite part of the book is when Epirus and Lucius spy on Ravilla and Valens. Ravilla confesses a ton of private things, and Lucius and Epirus overhear them. That is my favorite part because I figure out lots of info about mysteries that were bound to be solved. I would recommend this to boys, but not girls, unless they also like the topic of gladiators. This book is excellent!!!! I like this one even more than the first! I look forward to reading more books in this series!

Title: Blood & Fire
Author: Dan Scott
Genre: Adventure stories
Publisher: Scribo, Sterling Publishing
Release Date: 2013
Pages: 223