img_0355“Beautiful” by Stacy McAnulty is just that, a beautiful book that encourages your girls to show their unique side, express kindness and acceptance for others’ differences and show their inner strength! This book’s thoughtful text is paired with quirky illustrations that play on the words. “Beautiful girls move gracefully” means sliding into first place. The “perfect look” is dirty and disheveled and in the midst of some fun. “Beautiful girls know all about makeup” means they know how to use it to paint a pirate eye or a mustache on and embark on an adventure. This book takes all the “how a girl should act”, all the perfect and proper and graceful standards – and tosses them out the window! It encourages them to put on those goofy looking science goggles and explore! It implores them to care less about their outer beauty and having every hair in its perfect place, and to instead focus on their inner beauty, which can be found through exploring, learning, having fun with reckless abandon! Instead of fishing for compliments on your look, “Beautiful” tells you to earn them based on your accomplishments!

“Beautiful” redefines the old standards society considered acceptable for little girls. This book reminds little girls that it’s who they are, it’s what’s inside that really counts. It was refreshing to see all sorts of “real” girl characters in this book, and such a diverse crowd at that! In our house, we live by the policy ‘if you aren’t getting dirty then you aren’t having fun!’. The fun happens when the mess happens! We encourage Dolly to dig in the dirt, touch the worm, look at ants up and close with her magnifying glass! Moms and Dads of little girls, pick up this book and teach your beautiful gal just how beautiful she really is!img_0366


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