“Bear and Squirrel Are Friends…Yes, Really!” by Deb Pilutti.

Dolly goes into a mini-hybernation after we read “Bear and Squirrel are Friends” a couple dozen times!

This delightfully simple but unusual take on an unlikely friendship was a real nail-biter as far as children’s books go! Will Bear eat his best friend Squirrel… or won’t he? “Bear and Squirrel are Friends”  starts by filling us in on the fact that sometimes, when hungry or provoked, a bear will eat a squirrel.  Their friends from the same species remind them of this! But this particular Bear and Squirrel aren’t convinced it needs to go down that way. They share snacks and play games and help eachother get ready for winter (Squirrel uses his fluffy tail to sweep Bear’s den while Bear shakes acorns out of the trees). They are friends through and through.  Squirrel is there to surprise Bear after his long winter’s nap, but will the hunger from deep inside tempt Bear to eat his delicious-looking friend?! This story offers a great message about not double-crossing (or biting, haha!) your friends, resisting temptations, and mainly, being a good friend no matter what! We love author Deb Pilutti’s blue/green/orange/yellow palette of the drawings, and the humor explodes from the dialogue bubbles! Dolly thought the idea of Bear eating Squirrel was funny, not scary (phew!) especially due to the friendliest scary face we’ve ever seen on a hungry bear! Every and anyone will love the suspense of the last few page… Dolly and I were a bit nervous to say the least!

Dolly took Bear and Squirrel with her on a little nature hike!

Title: Bear and Squirrel Are Friends . . . Yes, Really!
Author: Deb Pilutti
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Release Date: September 15, 2015
Pages: 40