“Baby Party” by Rebecca O’Connell. (Book Review)

Gather all the babies together, it’s time to celebrate with a Baby Party! At the Baby Party we clap for the babies holding the oval balloon, wearing the triangle party hat, giving the square present, and so on!! This is a great look-and-find book to work on basic shapes. We’d recommend this book for all children (not just babies) working on learning their shapes, but big brothers and sisters will have fun locating the shape hidden in the pictures just as much! Even our resident “big girl”, Ava, loved reading this book at our very own Baby Party, so this book is great for babies, toddlers and big kids too! Dolly and I also clap for the really cute illustrations, the bright colors bring out the playfulness in this cheerful story, and the babies are all adorable (and diverse – another plus!)!

P.S. At the Baby Party, it’s hard to get all the babies to look at the camera at once (lol) so here are a whole bunch of pictures of the fun we had while reading!

Title: Baby Party
Author: Rebecca O’Connell
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company
Release Date: March 1, 2015
Pages: 24