“Alaska’s Three Little Pigs”, by Arlene Laverde. (Book Review)

“Alaska’s Three Little Pigs”, by Arlene Laverde is a modern retelling of the classic “Three Little Pigs” story, this time with an Alaska twist! Right out of the gates, we see that these “little” pigs are not so little! They are big and plump and accompanied by big, piggy personalities, each one very distinctive from the next, but all charming and very endearing! Each of these big little pigs builds themselves a house on the Alaskan frontier. One pig builds a trapper cabin, an unsturdy  looking shack. The second pig builds a hut made of willow branches, so you know that abode likely won’t bode well either.  The third little pig works with his Alaskan surroundings and builds an igloo of glacier ice. Nearby, a hungry Alaskan grizzly bear wakes up and wants some bacon so badly he is ready to bust down the walls to get to these pigs! It’s no surprise that the first two little pig’s houses crumble under the bear’s power, but will the grizzly bear’s hot breath from huffing and puffing melt the igloo?

By the time you’re done reading this deliciously refreshing re-telling of a classic, you too may be in the mood for a pork product of some sort! This book is full of fantastic illustrations.  You can almost feel the coldness of the Alaskan tundra through the “swirly” wind and snow that breezes through every page. I appreciated the bright yet muted colors, and the vertical sidebar illustrations found on each side of the pages of text that definitely contribute towards the Alaskan frontier feel.  The illustrations gave great humor to the story; We loved that those fat little pigs are always eating spam-esque cans of YAM; even during the moments their lives were at risk busy being huffed and puffed at by the grizzly, they never put down the fork!  In fact, you can start to play “find the YAM” with your child because there is a can somewhere on every page!  The ending to this tale was fun and non-scary, and a great way to wrap up a great book!

Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Alaska to enjoy an Alaskan adventure! Pick up a copy of this book today!

Title: Alaska’s Three Little Pigs
Author: Arlene Laverde
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Little Bigfoot
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Pages: 20