“Alaska’s Snow White & Her 7 Sled Dogs”, by Mindy Dwyer. (Book Review) |

“Alaska’s Snow White & Her 7 Sled Dogs”, by Mindy Dwyer, is the retelling of the classic story “Snow White” but with an Alaskan twist! Snow White’s mother dies, her father remarries an Evil Ice Queen, and Snow White is sent away by this wicked Stepmother to live with a kind Skate Maker. One day the wicked Ice Queen’s magic mirror reveals to her that beautiful Snow White is turning heads in the village, so the Queen tries to kill Snow White many times, even donning costumes of trappers and local passersby in order to trick her. Back at home, the master skate maker is worried and creating magic skates that will send the evil Ice Queen into a never ending twirl! Will the Ice Queen succeed in freezing Snow White’s heart?! Fingers crossed that Jacob the handsome musher will find Snow White, sparks of love will go flying, and Snow White, Jacob and their sled dogs lived happily ever after!

This story is refreshingly different than original because of this winter twist, the setting being an Alaskan village. Snow White is no damsel in distress this time around! She is still the fairest of all the land, but now is also a brave and highly skilled Alaskan musher and fearless leader of her seven faithful sled dogs, which replace the classic dwarves. The Evil Ice Queen still uses a mirror but to be fairest of all is to be the best and most beautiful ice skater at the Ice Festival. The classic poisoned apple is replaced with a cold, Alaskan blue peppermint drink.

We truly enjoyed this enchanting retelling of the classic tale. I appreciated the Alaskan Snow White for all her new strengths! The book is a nice escape into the Alaskan traditions and ways of life. I was not surprised but very interested to learn that the author lived in Alaska for many years. The illustrations of this book are absolutely beautiful! The story line is considerably different in this retelling, and the artwork is gorgeous, but it leaves you wishing there was more beautiful artwork to accompany every single aspect of the story!

Title: Alaska’s Snow White and Her Seven Sled Dogs
Author: Mindy Dwyer
Genre: Juvenile Fiction
Publisher: Little Bigfoot
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Pages: 32