“Abracazebra” by Helen Docherty. (Book Review)

A zebra magician turns a sleepy little town upside down! Well traveled Zebra takes her traveling magic act on the road to Yawnalot and sets up a magic show, performs amazing tricks and impresses most. Except Goat, who is not impressed and instead spreads untrue rumors to make Zevra feel unwelcome. After she leaves the town is glum and Goat begins to regret his actions. Will he be able to find Abracazebra and being her back?! This is a great story about friendship, acceptance and the importance of including others, accepting them and appreciating their differences! The illustrations by Thomas Docherty are incredibly vibrant and colorful and detailed. Every page is eye-catching fun! The very relate-able story by Helen Docherty sends good messages for kids; there will always be a new kid in class who is exciting and different and diverse…and the best thing to always do is welcome them in and let them spice up your world with new flavors!!

Title: Abracazebra
Author: Helen Docherty
Publisher: Alison Green Books
Release Date: February 5, 2015
Pages: 32