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Dolly picks out some new titles to add to her bookshelf.

The Inspiration Behind DOLLY’S BOOKSHELF

When you find yourself reading your child absolutely every book from their bookshelf on a daily basis, I think it’s safe to admit you are the parent of a voracious reader. My little Dolly would happily read from sunrise to sunset. It seems that eating and sleeping are just the things Dolly does between reading. Dolly will read anytime, anywhere. On a playdate. In the car. In line at the supermarket. Doesn’t matter who you are, you offer to read her a book, she’s on your lap in 10 seconds flat, turning every page. If she is crying, offer to read a book and those tears will stop. What’s more, although she is young, she prefers longer stories and has extreme focus. She follows along entranced. She devours books, one page at a time.

Needless to say, we aren’t about to squash this sheer joy of reading -we enjoy it too- and we indulge her with every next story we pick up.  As the mother of a joyful reader, to say you have developed some opinions on these books is an understatement. On round 1,000 of the books in the house, you have those you could happily keep reading 1,000 more times, those that drive you crazy because in your head you tweak the edits that could be made to make the book much better. And then of course there are the books you have no understanding of how they ever got published at all. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid paying $13.99 for the latter?

This is the inspiration behind Dolly’s Bookshelf. I’ll share my opinions on the terrific and not-so-great children’s books on Dolly’s Bookshelf. I’ll give a little insight into what new titles are available, which classics have stood the test of time. I’ll recommend books the whole family will love to read together over and over again, and warn you against those that will just collect dust on the shelf.