“A Gold Star for George” by Alice Hemming. (Book Review)

The Heavenly Hippos Wildlife Park is having a special event, awarding gold stars for the tidiest, most popular, stylish, talented animals in the park. George the Giraffe is sure he will get an award for one of those! George is a good sport and celebrates with the penguins when they win the first award. He helps his lemur friends clean their area since his was already spic and span, and when the award goes to them instead, he again is happy for his friends. Can George’s red bow tie earn him a gold star for style? Will George ever know what it feels to be a winner? I love this creative story of friendship and teamwork, and a main character who is selfless and knows what it means to have good self-esteem, even when a bit disappointed. George once again proves there is no “i” in “team” and that being a good friend makes you a real winner.
Dolly and I are big fans of George and look forward to reading more stories about him! We hope to get our paws on a copy of “The Black and White Club” by author Alice Hemming! We love the bright, quirky and humorous elements to these illustrations, particularly the great faces from each of the zoo animals. If it was us handing out the gold stars, George would have a fence-full. Author Alice Hemming gets 5 Dolly Heads (gold stars) for this thoughtful, funny and lovely book.

Title: Gold Star for George
Author: Alice Hemming
Release Date: June 1, 2015
Pages: 32