2015 January | Diapers & Daydreams

January 20, 2015 By Regina L

Ever notice how the shoulders of a baby onesie have an envelope-looking fold? Most parents have always assumed they’re there to make it easier to get a onesie OVER a baby’s head… When actually they were designed that way so the onesie can be pulled DOWN and OFF your baby…down over the shoulders and off by their feet!! This way, if the onesie is soiled or messy you aren’t spreading it up the back and into the hair! Genius!!

January 17, 2015 By Regina L

  These were our favorite Christmas and winter-themed books in Dolly’s Bookshelf this holiday season! (Find them on sale now and save them for next year!): 1. .  A smooth sounding rhyming book about the pet’s very own Santa Claus… Santa Paws! An easy and fun Christmas read. Vibrant yet subtle illustrations are beautiful to look at. 2.  by Karen Katz. A fun lift the flap book to discover all of baby’s favorite winter things! 3. by Norman Bridwell. Clifford {Read More}

January 2, 2015 By Regina L

Reviewing all the books on Dolly’s Bookshelf is truly a labor of love! My hope is that this becomes a great place for you to look for some fresh and exciting -or old and overlooked- excellent stories that will make the most of reading time for both you and your child!  I have sorted through the bestsellers and the critical favorites and have found some really wonderful stories and/or beautifully illustrated books for you to share with your kids! I am also a proud supporter of the small press {Read More}